I was able to get back home and work on getting the gas tank up to snuff for fuel injection the right way.

I decided to go with a common solution used by members on HybridZ and implement an ATL black box in my fuel tank to help fuel starvation issues related to fuel injection and hard cornering. The black box is essentially a cube that houses a fuel pump that is equipped with 3 trap doors. These traps doors are free swinging gates that will close with respect to the direction of travel.

Most modern fuel injection vehicles will have a pump in the tank opposed to an external “puller” pump. Up until now, we have been running the stock puller pump, a surge tank,  and a high pressure Walbro 255 LPH pump to accomodate our stock 240z tank. Now, we can eliminate all of those components and simply replace them with the Black Box.

To install the black box, a hole had to be cut out of the top of the tank and a ring welded in so that I can bolt a blank fuel cell cap to the top.

Now, after this step, things got a little messy and I’m not too proud of my work, but it is definitely functional. I am not an expert welder by any means, nor do I claim to be. At this point, I needed to weld the ring to the tank. And, well, without further ado:

So there you have it, my ghetto welding job. Function over form is what I say.

At any rate, after this, I had to figure out the feed and return lines. These connections will be using an AN -6 fitting on the tank. So I proceeded to make my best attempt at removing the spot welds that hold the stock feed and return tubes to the tank, but long story short, it came out ugly and I simply ended up cutting the rectangular piece off and welding in my own with the appropriate sized holes for the fittings.

Next, I mounted the Black Box to the baffle, but now I will need to place some trap doors on either side of the Black Box in the baffle that will let fuel travel from the passenger side to the driver side of the tank. My question is, in stock form, how did pickup tube reach the fuel on the driver side of the tank if the baffle impeded its flow?

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So there you have it, a legitimate update. I apologize about my unorganized photos, I’m still trying to figure out how to order them as I would like,  so I am experimenting with the slide show and gallery features.

Until next time,  Z you later!