Today I was able to get a couple things done under the car.

I had been dreading the mounting of my fuel lines because these lines are stainless steel 3/8″ lines that I bent myself. Unfortunately, I am not what you would consider an expert line bender and this was my first experience doing so. I tried to duplicate the bends of the stock lines the best I could, however, they weren’t perfect. This made for a very difficult mounting situation because of the rigidity of stainless steel opposed to the softer material the stock lines were composed of. When I had first bent these lines up, I mocked them up and they were a complete hassle and difficult to maneuver into the stock mounting bracket, and I was fed up and put it off until today. Additionally, I had been trying to think of a solution for insulation of the lines. As mentioned in a previous post, the stock insulators were cracked and crumbling, so I needed a replacement. In the end, what I ended up doing is cutting up a thick industrial mud flap and sandwiching the lines between two of these pieces and fixing the lines and rubber pieces to the body with the stock mounting brackets. This isn’t a perfect solution, but I believe this will adequately perform the task it is meant to effectively. Here are photos to give you an idea of what I came up with. Please excuse the paint on the end of the lines, oops.

 I was also able to mount my brake lines and clutch line.

I do have one small issue. The clearance between my 22 pin Weather Pack connector and clutch line is minimal, I am forced to bent the clutch line to conform to the connector.

Overall, I didn’t get a ton done this weekend, but what I did was significant. I believe I will be able to install my engine next weekend or the following. Once it is in, I will begin wiring procedures and hopefully have a start up video here shortly thereafter.

Until next time. Ztay tuned.