I’d like to apologize for my absense on the blog. Honestly, I haven’t worked on the car in 2 weeks due to school related items. However, I will be heading back to get some wrench time in this evening and tomorrow.

I went ahead and ordered a bunch of parts that should cover mostly everything I need to get things back together. This includes a Wilwood master cylinder, fuel line fittings, AN adapters, air filter, BIP373 spark control modules, fuel tank gasket, and a number of other miscellaneous items. Apart from that, all I need is a speedometer cable, fluids, and perhaps some wiring components. There isn’t a ton of stuff left to be done to get this bad boy road worthy. Sure, I haven’t dropped the motor or drivetrain into the car, but that consists of turning a few bolts and a little elbow grease. For the most part, the hard stuff is done and it’s is just a matter of bringing it all together and makiethane things work as they should.

Ztay tuned!