Unfortunately, I cannot say I’m reporting back with a running Z. A lot of work was done last weekend, however. I overlooked the amount of time it would take to string out the body wiring harness and install a battery box, among other things.

I started off the weekend by sitting down Friday night and wiring my ignition drivers, BIP373s. Unfortunately, I didn’t have heat sinks to mount them to, which is necessary for them to function properly, so I had to hold off on testing these components. Instead, I went ahead and also wired my boost control circuit and attempted to test that out, but being the very green Tuner Studio user I am, I didn’t have much success configuring outputs. Time was also a constraint as well, and I needed to get started on the Z, so I let this part of it wait.

Once I got my hands on the Z, I immediately began removing all of the nasty old black tape on the body wiring harness that seemed to be covered with grease throughout. Once I had all the tape off I was able to separate what I needed and what I didn’t. I pulled every thing unnecessary out of the wiring harness

Once I stripped down the body harness, I tested the headlights and sure enough, they’re good to go! My only thing I pulled out that I’m still dealing with is the leads from the stock coil that went to the tach. I need to figure out how exactly the tach works and then convert the signal appropriately from my wasted spark setup.

The final thing I completed was the mounting of the battery box. This was a huge PITA due to the fact that I had to drop the gas tank (again) to get to the nuts that secure the rods to the body. I also had to drill holes in the rear, which I do not like at all, but is necessary. Here is what it looks like mounted.

I really don’t like how exposed my battery cables are, but considering the fact I have no carpet, I can’t really hide anything, so it will be exposed for now. I am still trying to figure out where I will mount my ground wire. I may end up running a longer lead all the way back to the bolt on the starter as I had it due to the fact that I have heard talks that the 240Z has bad grounding throughout the body, so I would rather play it safe and do this.

I plan to head back this weekend and hopefully start this pig assuming Megasquirt cooperates and my wiring skills don’t fail me. I’ll keep everyone updated.

Ztay tuned.