I’ve found a pricey, however legitimate, solution to my leaky fuel line ends issue.

Thanks to the phenomenal help over at HybridZ.org, I was led to a company by the name of Swagelok, which specializes in exactly the thing I needed most.

According to their website, Swagelok offers a fitting that adapts a 3/8″ OD stainless steel tube to a -6 AN male fitting. I almost fell over in my chair when I discovered this, it seemed too good to be true! From what I have gathered, the bit actually bites into the tube to make a seal opposed to using a flare. The guy at the counter said that a flared end actually creates a stress point in the line, which leaves it vulnerable to cracking and as a result, leaking. Here is a depiction of what the fitting looks like.


With a stainless steel line of .035″ wall thickness, these fittings will make a seal good enough for 3000 PSI! Try leaking now you pesky little fuel line!

I realize this is just a simple fitting, but its awesome to know that I don’t have to run braided stuff and am not forced to get rid of my custom bent stainless tubing.

Aside from that, I’m hoping to get back to work on the car over the weekend, but no guarantees here. This next week, I will be wrapping up the school semester and I have many finals to study for, so the car may have to wait. The thing is, I’m pushing up close to this Branson trip date, so it is going to be close if I do make it!

Also, I wanted to post a photo of this Lexus LFA that I had the opportunity to see. Lexus of Omaha decided to get one out here, and it has attracted a lot of attention over the last few days. I am told this is the only one within a 500 mile radius. Not only is this just an LFA, but this is a Nurburgring edition LFA with a special story behind the paint. As you can see in on the Wiki page, the LFA Nurburgring edition is only featured in four colors, namely glossy black, matte black, orange, and whitest white. As you can see, this car is not any of those colors. According to the sales floor associate, this car’s VIN number calls for a black paint, and for some reason, at the last minute, the car was painted red. So this car is, in fact, 1 of 1. I’m very pleased I had the opportunity to be in the presence of such an awesome machine. You can read more about the Nurburgring package at the link below.


That’s all I have for now. I’ll be back to work on the Z this weekend and I plan to have a start assuming I can get spark out of my coil pack.

Ztay tuned!