Each week, I usually put together a document which outlines what I’d like to accomplish over the weekend on the Z. This weekend, as I mentioned earlier, will focus on getting the Z started and idling at the very least. I hope to achieve this by sealing up all those pesky fuel leaks and talking Megasquirt into playing nice. On top of this, before I do any work on the Z, there are some things on my daily driver that I will need to address (2002 WRX). I sometimes neglect the Subaru when I start really making progress on the Z, so this weekend is also about making sure to prioritize and get everything on my list done by weekend’s end. Here is the list I’ve put together:

  1. Replace Subaru ball joints, reinstall exhaust, wash/vacuum, install STi floor mats, check all fluids and tire pressure.
  2. Swap out Bomgaars battery and reinstall fuel tank.
  3. Install Swagelok fittings and replace fuel injector O rings.
  4. Wire wideband, gauges, stock CLT sensor, ground the fan and boost controller solenoid.
  5. Fill up transmission with fluid.
  6. Attempt to start the car.

This is, at minimum, what I’d like to accomplish. I also will be picking up a VG30DETT for a buddy for a Z32 he will be working on in the near future, so my weekend is going to be very eventful.

Keep an eye out and I hope to return with good news early next week!

Ztay tuned!