Sorry for being absent, I usually post about the prior weekend on a Monday, but it is now Thursday and I’m just now getting around to it.

Last weekend entailed many things, not too much exciting except for the fact that I was able to actually drive the car around and get a rough map together. The car runs very very well with the exception of some hiccups along the way due to some lean spots in the map and I’m sure some acceleration issues. I also went back home last night and put some boost through the car. There is one small issue, however, and that being smoke coming from my valve cover. I’m not quite certain when I should really start worrying about the magnitude of the smoke, but I do know that it hasn’t ever smoked like this before. It’s a pretty consistent stream that pulsates with the firing of the engine. Now, I am aware that I do have one cylinder that is lower than the others, but we’re talking 5 psi lower than the average, so nothing that I’m losing sleep over.

Like I said, the car runs great. I may or may not have put upwards of 20 psi through the motors last night, which will inevitably happen, but it may have been too soon. I’m really not sure at this point. The car felt AWESOME. I drove a 500 hp Mitsubishi Evo a couple of weeks ago and this reminded me a lot of that car, maybe even more awesome! The car puts around town just fine, a couple hiccups here and there but for the most part it’s pretty solid. I decided to lay into it a little bit about midway through my driving session and it was a little hesitant (this was last weekend). Fast forward to last night: I made some changes to my settings in Megasquirt and the hesitation is almost gone in the mid range. I went ahead and cycled through this region a few times to let VE Analyze Live do it’s thing and get the AFRs I’m looking for. I really started itching for more, so I decided to head on up and see what it was like with boost.

For the love of all that is good, I can’t describe the awesome-ness of the power up top. For instance, I’ll putt around, then find a straight away where I can use it to get up in the higher RPM region and slowly climb. Going from the mid range RPM to full boost sounds like a jet is taking off under me! Remember, I’m running an open down pipe, so this thing is stupid loud. I really enjoyed being glued to my seat, but I also hope the motor isn’t hurt.

Before I left, I did pull the plugs and it looks like I really fouled 2 of them, so that could be related to the smoke from the valve cover. I also think that cleaning up the plugs will smooth things out even more than they are, so it could be a blessing in disguise.

Here are some various photos I took over last weekend. My posts haven’t been so photo-intense lately only because there isn’t too much exciting going on and I often don’t think to pull out my camera.

I also helped a buddy install an exhaust, carbon trim piece, mud flaps, and set up an AccessPort on his ’05 STi, so that should explain the photos of the Subarus!

In this photo, we were hiding from hail that decided to show up over the weekend. Not fun.


Exhaust, mud flaps, and carbon trim piece installed.


This photo is significant because in the past couple years, we haven’t been able to fill up the blasted 240z tank more than half way. I’m not sure if it was due to ventilation or some other cause, but as you can see, I completely filled the thing! Woohoo!


Body panels are on! This was another task I am glad I was able to tackle in a couple hours. Of course, I ended up with extra bolts. Grrr…

More Subaru pictures, TurboXS exhaust going on the car.


I also snagged a couple videos for diagnosis over at HybridZ. My first one being an issue I’ve been having with my Megasquirt power. It seems to intermittently power on and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Another video I took involved the smoking issue with the valve cover. I wanted to see if I could show the magnitude, but I don’t think the video does it justice.

That’s all for now, sorry for the lack of Z photos this time around. Next week is the Branson Z Fest and I may just be driving the Z down there, which will turn out to be an 800 mile round trip. Eek!

Ztay tuned!