My weekend officially starts now.

This is my final chance to make the car right before making the trek down to Branson, MO with it. My father suggested I take it down on a trailer, but I believe that would be a form of defeat, no?

I think we drive it. If I can get enough time behind the wheel this weekend and prove that it is road worthy, there is no reason it can’t make the drive.

A couple things that need to be done before then, however.

Repair oil pressure sender connector
Ground boost controller solenoid and test
Clean up power board wiring
Wire stock CLT sensor
Flush water and replace with coolant
Change engine oil and filter
Install speedo cable
Align Fenders
Pick up hose for MAP sensor
Repair oil leak(s)

These aren’t huge tasks, but very important indeed. I hope to have most if not all of these things done by the end of tonight, which will leave the entire weekend for road time and tuning.

Ztay tuned!