To those who follow me or are expecting a new post soon, I apologize for my absence.

Since the Z has been resetting pretty significantly and running poorly, I haven’t had the motivation to go out in my newly-rented 1 car garage at my apartment and try to figure it out. I added a capacitor to the boot jumper leads with no improvement to the situation. I really want to enjoy the car before winter sets in, which I will, but right now I’m preoccupied with school and starting a new job soon.

Hopefully within the next week or two I’ll try something else to see if I can get rid of the resets, but as of now, I’m dealing with a dead battery in the car so there isn’t much going on until I can at least get that taken care of. Lots of wiring clean up to do as well, thinking about putting my little power board in a plexiglass box.

Ztay tuned.