Things have slowed down a little bit and I have some time to write up an update as to what I’ve been keeping busy with.

School and work have consumed a majority of my time this Fall season, but I have had a handful of opportunities to get the Z out (when it is cooperating) and have a little fun. The car has had a couple small hiccups – one of which included a clogged injector I had to hunt down, which was causing a nasty misfire. I finally nailed it down to a clogged injector by swapping the clogged one to a different cylinder and pulling the plug wire with no change in idle quality. Had it cleaned, plugged it in, and the car ran much better.

Another issue I had was a corrupt MSQ file, or it seemed that way. I had a good friend David help me by looking at my current tune, a datalog of the car with that tune on it, and do some analyzing. He sent me a map of his setup (very similar to mine) and I burned it to my Megasquirt box. Car ran great! I put the car away for a couple days after that. When I returned to it, I was fiddling with the main Megasquirt power wire which may have then corrupted my file again. I started the car and it would start, but after 30-45 seconds (after it was warm) it would slowly become leaner and leaner until it would die. This condition would consistently occur. This has happened before, and I never could figure out as to why. This time, I decided I would reflash David’s MSQ file onto my box, make the appropriate changes to the parameters to be compatible with my box, and voila – it worked. I have some strange Megasquirt issues happening (which I haven’t gotten to the bottom of), but I haven’t dealt with those but plan to in the coming months, along with other things.

In the mean time, here are a couple videos courtesy of 1320 Video that feature my car.

Until next time, Z you later.