I was able to make another trip out to the shop the other night to make another attempt at pushing the heavy R230 differential up into the car, except this time I notched the frame.

Before we dive in, I’ve been working hard to promote the build series on YouTube, so if you would, check it out HERE. These blog posts are more for the folks that would rather read than view the video.

Notching my 240z 😦

You never want to cut into these good cars if you can help it, and by all means, I tried to avoid it. The R230 is so big, that in order to get it into position, you have to go under the knife. As you can see, the notching that had to be done wasn’t terrible.

Finally – proper fitment

Here it is – FINALLY the mustache bar sits where it needs to be and the differential is up in place.

Tabs interfering with the T3 front differential mount

This process wouldn’t be complete without another issue, right? Well apparently, there are a couple ridges on the front differential mounting surfaces that stick up and interfere with the Techno Toy Tuning R230 front differential mount. This wouldn’t be so bad, except the whole part where I wasn’t informed of it….at all. It burns a little more when you’re laying under the car on your back rolling around in metal shavings, dirt and other random debris. A little grinder action took care of the issue, but I’m blazing the trail for others I hope.

As far as progress, that’s about all I’ve got. I’m under pressure to get my crap moved out of the shop in Springfield and into my garage. I’m unsure whether I plan on fixing up the small issues on the 510 before I move the Z to the house or not – more on that later. My T3 drop mount brackets should be in my mailbox at the time of this writing.

Here’s a basic list of tools I used during this fiasco:

Link: http://amzn.to/2lmqVFw

Cut off wheel:

Safety Glasses:

Face shield:


Hydraulic Jack:

Jack Stands:

Flash Light:

Extension Cord:

Check out a video that sums up this post: