Working with used parts can be…tricky. That’s exactly what I experienced over the last couple days trying to make my Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo hubs cooperate.

It feels like I’ve been struggling with such small things that keep the big things from happening lately. Not only that, but poor planning on my part on some of these items don’t help my cause. I was able to weld in my camber plates which then allowed me to continue on the rear suspension installation…which led to many unforeseen issues that ultimately we were able to overcome.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.40.03 PM.png
Techno Toy Tuning Backing Plates

I’ve been waiting to install this awesome T3 rear suspension kit since I finished the 510 (well, sort of finished). Long story short, I sold off all my previous rear suspension setup parts (300zx Shiro CLSD setup) in favor of this newer/stronger setup. At that point, those funds allowed me to purchase the T3 R230 kit but unfortunately, I’m a dumb dumb and blew up the 510. This whole project was put on hault until I got that thing put back together. So there I was, a perfectly good T3 rear suspension kit that needed installed…but my 510 begged for attention.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago – I finally decided to stop procrastinating and finally get my ass in gear and pull all these parts out of their boxes and start cracking on this 2J-Z project. The 510 has since been rebuilt, but definitely still needs some attention. More on this later (I will be posting updates on that guy in the coming weeks).

It was nice to actually get the backing plates out and start putting them to use. The plate didn’t want to slot in nicely to the strut, so I had to encourage it a bit with my dead blow.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.47.19 PM.png
Whack whack whack whack

I bolted it up and started on the control arms. I’m currently just running the factory control arms, but I hope to replace those eventually with something a little more adjustable and stronger. I don’t know how long those will last under the power I plan to apply to the rear suspension.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.48.49 PM.png
Bolting the backing plates down

Next I wanted to bolt the hubs to the backing plates. Grabbed my four new bolts for each side, started threading them in and of course, the threads start freaking out. Either I cross threaded them or there was some sort of debris lodged in between the threads to cause everything to just be totally screwed up. At this point, I didn’t have the tap I needed (M12x1.25), so I was forced to attempt a “custom” tap…cutting slots in one of the factory bolts. This didn’t work.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.50.08 PM.png
This home made tap did NOT work.

Grr…pissed off, I called around and finally found someone who had the tap I needed. 20 minutes from my house. Whatever, I need it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.53.37 PM.png
The new new

This thing worked like a dream – I should have just picked it up in the first place. It sucks when you have complete (“complete”) thread tap and die kits and the one tap you need is 0.25 thread pitch off from what you have. Frustrating. But it is what it is, and if I ever need to tap threads of this size and pitch again…I have it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.55.37 PM.png
Grind grind grind

Tapped all the threads just for good measure and away we went. Finally, the hubs were on and we’re ready for wheels and to move the damn thing. My life!

Unfortunately I didn’t have the correct wheels to meet the bolt pattern requirements of the 300zx hubs, so I have recruited a friend to both supply me with some wheels AND trailer the car home on Saturday.

To be continued!

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