On Black Friday, Illuminati Carbon Fiber posted their 205 off sale and I noticed they had the carbon door panels I have been eyeballing for some time…I pulled the trigger. Although the factory door panels aren’t what I would consider “heavy”, these things are stupid light and I’m very impressed with the quality of the part.

I have a very specific image of what I envision the interior of the 2J-Z to be, which will entail minimalism combined with practicality. One of the biggest gripes I’ve had throughout the years of tinkering with these old cars is the “raw” feeling you get and the smell of gas (yuck!). I plan to eliminate both of these by doing things right the first time and including all the creature comforts that I like to see in a car. This will include upgraded brakes, air conditioning, heat, a solid sound system and an air tight cabin to reduce noise and fuel fumes from entering the cabin and stinking up your clothes (not to mention this isn’t exactly healthy for you).

Check out the video I put together overviewing these carbon door panels and my thoughts on them (video below).