Upon reviewing Raw Brokerage’s build thread on John’s car, I really admired the Wilwood pedal box they put in the car in order to achieve a much better braking and clutch experience. I’ve personally never driven a car with a setup like this but I’m very confident that this is going to make the car feel much more responsive and give it a modern touch. Along with this, we are adding a ton more power to the car, so braking is equally as important as going fast.

In order to make this pedal box work, I had to almost entirely chop out the factory pedal box with the exception of the portion that allows the steering column to mount to the dash. The factory pedal box is actually very sturdy and is a pretty large piece. It’s anchored both to the firewall and tabs that protrude out from the firewall under the dash.

Unfortunately, my bracket moves all of the force into one spot…on the firewall only. With this in mind, I will be adding an 1/8″ steel plate in order to reinforce the the firewall region where the pedal box bracket bolts to. This should reduce “flex” from pushing on the brake and clutch pedals and really allow the driver to get a nice feedback response during operation.