The brother of a friend who has a 240z had this 510 with a broken transmission that was mated to a Chevy V8. The car had sat in their driveway for some time, and I just happened to have 2 240z’s. To my luck, he wanted to trade HIS 510 for MY 240z. The rest is history!

This car was originally a red automatic transmission car that originated out of California. Unfortunately, 2 owners prior to me decided a small block V8 would be a good powerplant for this beautiful classic Japanese car. In doing so, the owner hacked up the transmission tunnel and firewall to make way for the big bell housing of the 350. Luckily, the work done seems to be legitimate and done right, but it pains me to know someone cut up a perfectly good car to fit an undesired Chevy 350 in it.