My name is Jacob Anderson. I  currently reside in Omaha, NE. I started this page to track my progress of my 1973 240z and Datsun 510, not only for the readers, but for my own records sake as well. I feel a lot of the things that I do should be documented for those who wish to accomplish the same things as I have. I have been very grateful for the resources I have been provided with, so I believe it is my turn to give back, and this is how I will go about doing it.

When I work on my cars, it is my way of expressing my creativity. This car is my canvas, my art project, if you will. The joy I get from creating things with my hands and watching them at work fascinates me. Never in my life have I put so much time into a project as I have with this. I hope you all enjoy watching my posts and following me through my journey, it should be an exciting and eventful one.


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