Garage Built Datsuns

Garage Built Datsuns and Other Cool Shit!

Datsun 510 Progress Thus Far

I've been posting these photos to my personal Facebook page, but figure the world may want to see my work. The car has transformed from a 1973 Datsun 510 with a Chevy 350 small block mated to a Datsun 5... Continue Reading →

Datsun 510

Just traded my orange Datsun 240Z for this beautiful 1973 Datsun 510. Unfortunately, it has a Chevy 350 in it, but that won't last too long. The previous-previous owner mated a Datsun 5 speed up to the 350 with an... Continue Reading →


This blog has been pretty dead in the last year or so. I've been crazy busy with school and haven't had the time or energy to put into the Z car. Lots going on with 1320Video and finishing up school... Continue Reading →

Transmission Trouble

My 4 speed decided to take a dump on me, so I picked up a 5 speed. Unfortunately, my guy thought it just needed bearings, but it needs much more than that... I'll be picking another up today. Ztay tuned....

Forgive my sub-par photoshop skills 🙂


Lately, I have an all new appreciation for the RWB guys. I think this resonates a lot with me. The passion, the culture, everything Nakai-San portrays through motorsports is fantastic.

Blowing off the dust

Things have slowed down a little bit and I have some time to write up an update as to what I've been keeping busy with. School and work have consumed a majority of my time this Fall season, but I... Continue Reading →


To those who follow me or are expecting a new post soon, I apologize for my absence.Since the Z has been resetting pretty significantly and running poorly, I haven't had the motivation to go out in my newly-rented 1 car garage... Continue Reading →

Never Ending

Two weeks ago, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to Sonic to meet up with the weekly car guys. Car ran decent, still has an intermittent hiccup I haven't had time to track down. Otherwise, all... Continue Reading →

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