Garage Built Datsuns

Garage Built Datsuns and Other Cool Shit!

A Proper Introduction to my 2J-Z Plan To kick things off, I wanted to put together a video that explains my intentions, my history and who I am. This car has a lot of personal meaning to it as it has been in our family for... Continue Reading →


Reviving the Blog in 2017 + The Start of the 2J Z Project

Yes, I'm still alive. I've been away from posting here out of laziness and the fact that I recorded all my 510 progress simply by posting my photos to my personal Facebook photo album. Additionally, I've since purchased a house... Continue Reading →

Datsun 510 Progress Thus Far

I've been posting these photos to my personal Facebook page, but figure the world may want to see my work. The car has transformed from a 1973 Datsun 510 with a Chevy 350 small block mated to a Datsun 5... Continue Reading →

Datsun 510

Just traded my orange Datsun 240Z for this beautiful 1973 Datsun 510. Unfortunately, it has a Chevy 350 in it, but that won't last too long. The previous-previous owner mated a Datsun 5 speed up to the 350 with an... Continue Reading →


This blog has been pretty dead in the last year or so. I've been crazy busy with school and haven't had the time or energy to put into the Z car. Lots going on with 1320Video and finishing up school... Continue Reading →

Transmission Trouble

My 4 speed decided to take a dump on me, so I picked up a 5 speed. Unfortunately, my guy thought it just needed bearings, but it needs much more than that... I'll be picking another up today. Ztay tuned....

Forgive my sub-par photoshop skills 🙂


Lately, I have an all new appreciation for the RWB guys. I think this resonates a lot with me. The passion, the culture, everything Nakai-San portrays through motorsports is fantastic.

Blowing off the dust

Things have slowed down a little bit and I have some time to write up an update as to what I've been keeping busy with. School and work have consumed a majority of my time this Fall season, but I... Continue Reading →

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