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Garage Built Datsuns and Other Cool Shit!

Stripping The 2J-Z Down (More)

After getting the 2J-Z back from Rebellion Forge after having bars installed in the car, I continued stripping down the interior to prepare to install the electric steering, pedal box, Speedhut gauges, etc.  


Tools + 510 + 2J-Z…A LOT Going On.

It's been awhile since I've written a post on exactly what I've been working on, so let's get started. First and foremost, the Lexus got a new addition: a hitch! As you may know, the Lexus will be on tow... Continue Reading →

Damn I Love New Tools!

So as you know, I've been building my dream garage and there's so many things I want to buy...I'd go broke if I did buy it all at once! Anyway, I decided to pull the trigger on a couple essentials... Continue Reading →

Garage Organization with Peg Board

Peg board is one of those things that has always peaked my interest, but I've never really had my own pad to set it up just how I want - until now. With the purchase of our new home and... Continue Reading →

Clean Your Threads, Kids.

Working with used parts can be...tricky. That's exactly what I experienced over the last couple days trying to make my Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo hubs cooperate. It feels like I've been struggling with such small things that keep the big... Continue Reading →

LED Lights and New Paint Makes All The Difference

After laying down the epoxy floor, it was time to take care of the walls and install proper lighting and make it look pretty. I always see the two tone garages and I think they look really good. Seeing that... Continue Reading →

Suspension + Camber Plates = Forging Ahead

It's been a struggle simply trying to set this car ont he ground. I overlooked the fact that the aftermarket Techno Toy Tuning coilovers must be installed with the camber plates they provide, creating yet another bump in the road... Continue Reading →

Epoxy Garage Floor – So Much Better

Since buying a new house, we have been making big improvements throughout the interior of our home ranging from painting the walls to adding new decor (no walls knocked down yet). However, I have been most excited to get my... Continue Reading →

Mounting the R230 Differential

I was able to make another trip out to the shop the other night to make another attempt at pushing the heavy R230 differential up into the car, except this time I notched the frame. Before we dive in, I've... Continue Reading →

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