Datsun 510 Progress Thus Far

I’ve been posting these photos to my personal Facebook page, but figure the world may want to see my work.

The car has transformed from a 1973 Datsun 510 with a Chevy 350 small block mated to a Datsun 5 speed with a funky adapter plate into what it is now – a turbocharged Nissan KA24DE powered car.

I got the motivation to finally resume this blog by a member on Reddit asking to see photos. Here is the link to that thread here!

Datsun 510

Just traded my orange Datsun 240Z for this beautiful 1973 Datsun 510. Unfortunately, it has a Chevy 350 in it, but that won’t last too long. The previous-previous owner mated a Datsun 5 speed up to the 350 with an adapter piece that was quite genius. But the last owner (a buddy of mine) experienced some bad bearing inside the transmission and now I’m forced to mate up a T5 to the 350 and ditch the Datsun trans altogether.IMG_4580 IMG_4509


This blog has been pretty dead in the last year or so. I’ve been crazy busy with school and haven’t had the time or energy to put into the Z car. Lots going on with 1320Video and finishing up school in a year’s time. I did, however, get the opportunity to bring the car out for the first time this season. Here’s a quick photo I snapped with my phone.

Stay tuned. Big things to come from this and the orange car in the near future.


Blowing off the dust

Things have slowed down a little bit and I have some time to write up an update as to what I’ve been keeping busy with.

School and work have consumed a majority of my time this Fall season, but I have had a handful of opportunities to get the Z out (when it is cooperating) and have a little fun. The car has had a couple small hiccups – one of which included a clogged injector I had to hunt down, which was causing a nasty misfire. I finally nailed it down to a clogged injector by swapping the clogged one to a different cylinder and pulling the plug wire with no change in idle quality. Had it cleaned, plugged it in, and the car ran much better.

Another issue I had was a corrupt MSQ file, or it seemed that way. I had a good friend David help me by looking at my current tune, a datalog of the car with that tune on it, and do some analyzing. He sent me a map of his setup (very similar to mine) and I burned it to my Megasquirt box. Car ran great! I put the car away for a couple days after that. When I returned to it, I was fiddling with the main Megasquirt power wire which may have then corrupted my file again. I started the car and it would start, but after 30-45 seconds (after it was warm) it would slowly become leaner and leaner until it would die. This condition would consistently occur. This has happened before, and I never could figure out as to why. This time, I decided I would reflash David’s MSQ file onto my box, make the appropriate changes to the parameters to be compatible with my box, and voila – it worked. I have some strange Megasquirt issues happening (which I haven’t gotten to the bottom of), but I haven’t dealt with those but plan to in the coming months, along with other things.

In the mean time, here are a couple videos courtesy of 1320 Video that feature my car.

Until next time, Z you later.